Zacely Limited, innovators in the specialty tea sector, will be launching a revolutionary new technology and exclusive tea bag range that promise to reduce the average tea brewing time from 4 minutes to only 40 seconds whilst maintaining the integrity, taste and full benefits of whole loose leaf tea.

In the primarily dominated specialty coffee industry, tea has been left to the traditional yet mundane brewing method of steeping a bag in hot water. The choice consumers get when ordering from a widely varied coffee menu is never offered as an experience to tea lovers. Teaforia aims to change this. The Listo! range of teas and the unique technology of their brewing systems aim not only to give tea drinkers a choice, but to stir the general view of how tea is made and to stretch its boundaries.

The Teaforia Listo! range of 12 high grade uniquely designed tea bags will challenge the way tea is brewed in cafes and tea shops. The 40 second tea bag was carefully developed to sustain the pressure applied in the brewing process. The Teaforia tea is made entirely from whole high-grade tea leaves that are cut to a specific size to match the requirements of their brewing machines.

Hot or cold from sweet English Toffee Black Tea to the exclusive Black Dragon Pouchong Tea, Teaforia promises to offer something for everyone. In addition to this, Teaforia not only solves the problem of speed, the pressurized technology will extract the full benefits that the various teas have to offer, such as antioxidants. Established in 2010, the Dorset based company, Zacely, has been fully dedicated to develop products that are unique and revolutionary solutions for the industry in response to customer feedback. The Teaforia Listo! technology and modern tea range is already being taken by specialty tea shops with a tea focused shop opening in Shoreditch, London this Spring.

Zacely 有限公司,專注於專業沖泡茶的創新者,即將發表前所未有的沖 泡新科技,保證縮短泡茶的時間並同時間品嘗到原葉茶入喉滑順度及 甘甜,將從原本的4分鐘縮減到40秒,以及獨家口味. 早在初期這樣類型機器是被用來設計泡咖啡,茶葉等產品則必須使用 傳統的浸泡熱水方式來萃取茶.也因此這樣的機器只被廣泛地使用在 咖啡飲品,卻不能對於茶粉絲提供相同的條件?因此Teaforia致力於做 這樣的突破及改變. The Listo! 提供多樣化茶種,利用獨特的沖泡科技 系統,讓茶粉絲不僅僅只有一種選擇,更可以多樣化嘗試,跟浸泡茶葉 一樣保留其精隨及其風味,衍生出更多獨特口味..

Teaforia Listo! 目前提供12種獨家高品質的茶,並以茶包的方式呈 現,將挑戰傳統泡茶的方式呈現在不管是咖啡店或是茶飲店.這樣的機 器利用進水或出水壓力閥並同時運用在泡茶的過程,最後仔細確認過 後,40秒的沖泡時間也被設定完成.