Five Taiwan artists will be joining 180 contemporary art galleries from 40 countries in exhibiting at Art14 London Feb. 27 to March 2 in the U.K. capital.

Artists Fan Yang-tsung, Hua Chien-chiang, Lee Chen-dao, Lo Chan-peng, and Shen Chao-liang, who already have established international reputations, will be showing a diverse range of fresh and innovative works showcasing Taiwan’s contemporary art scene.

Hua uses gouache to blend features of modern life and classic Chinese iconography, creating a rich dream symbolism. His “Gun and Suit” solo exhibition last year portrayed the fighting, struggle and competition in daily life, featuring suited gangsters in black-and-white profile fighting their way across a range of construction equipment, with stylized Chinese clouds floating playfully about like cotton wool.

One of Lo’s photorealistic portrait paintings featured alongside works by Picasso, Klimt, Duerer last year in the exhibition “Truth” at El Segundo Museum of Art in California.

Shen’s photographs have been exhibited in 31 cities in 15 countries. He won the ROC’s Golden Tripod Award of Best Photography in 2000, 2002 and 2012, as well as many international photography awards. Most recently in 2012, he captured first place in the Book of Documentary category in the U.S.-based International Photography Award. His recent series Stages and Singers & Stages from 2011 and 2013, respectively, recording the evolution of Taiwan’s traditional entertainment scene, have further enhanced his international visibility.

Lee combines classic painterly styles with a satiric look at modern Taiwan society. For example, a piece depicting young women playing a drunken game of Mah Jong was painted in the style of Italian master Caravaggio. His work is popular with Japanese and American collectors.

Fan plays with elements of hard-edged spaces, perspectives and colors to create poetic imageries, such as in his Plastic Swimming Pool series. (SDH)

Publication Date:02/26/2014
Source: Taiwan Today

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