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跑出人生的終點線 成功女台商董淑貞經驗講座

Posted by Taiwan Festival on Saturday, May 18, 2013, In : TW Jobs 

坊間許多名言勵志書籍比比皆是,許多人一定都聽過不要輸在起跑點上,但是否有想過如何才能跑出終點線呢?成功女台商董淑貞的實戰經驗與生活分享讓你了解規劃人生。 台商董淑貞女士(Susan Tung)多次成功創業,擁有30年豐富國際經商暨創業與投資之經歷並且熟悉台灣、英國、大陸三地多種不同商業模式,現任英國董氏全球金融公司董事長和上海阿思列夫開挖工程董事...
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Posted by Taiwan Festival on Thursday, January 24, 2013, In : TW Jobs 




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Department of Transportation and Communication Management Science, and Institute of Telecommunications ManagementTenure tracked assistant professor and above Research oriented assistant professor or above at/Ph.D. graduated from the institutes recognized by Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

Information and communication management related areas, specified in industry policy, operat...

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