The sister company of Taiwan's internationally celebrated Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, Cloud Gate 2 presents the country's most talented young dancers and choreographers. This hotly anticipated triple bill is the first time Cloud Gate 2 has performed in the UK.

“Fast-paced, exciting and fluid” Dance Europe

Wicked Fish sees the dancers mimic a shoal of fish, as puzzle-like choreography competes with its complex score, while The Wall examines ideas of protection and segregation, highlighting the physical and mental barriers built around us. Cheng Tsung-lung's Beckoning focuses on how people can shift identities almost instantaneously, and creates a mysterious zigzag of body language with movements distilled subtly from Taiwanese street-dancing rituals that gives this abstract work a playful and poetic quality.

Part of Sadler’s Wells’ Out of Asia season

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2006年,羅曼菲病逝,林懷民續任總監之職。2014年,鄭宗龍接任藝術總監。 雲門2年度的「春鬥」,已成為台灣年輕創作者及藝術家合作並發表新作的重要平台。舞團也以講座結合演出的有機形式,深入鄉鎮、校園推廣舞蹈藝術。學校,醫院,社區,部落廣場,乃至於地震水災重建區,都是雲門2的舞台。

2011年,雲門2赴香港演出。2012年,舞團首次美國巡演,紐約舞評讚譽「精煉、淋漓盡致」,「技巧高超,膽識過人」。 紐約時報:雲門2的卓越應與世界分享!


雲門2創辦人 : 林懷民
創團藝術總監 : 羅曼菲
藝術總監 : 鄭宗龍