Innovators in the specialty tea ingredients sector, Zacely Limited will be launching Simplicitea, a range of exclusive tea syrups and concentrated matcha tea powders at the upcoming IFE food show in London. Zacely Limited’s passion for tea inspired beverage solutions led to the creation of Simplitcitea. Using the wealth of knowledge built up from operating their distribution business Bubble Tea House Company since 2010, the company has responded directly to client’s feedback who time and time again were requesting simple and easy to use high grade tea without major investment. Customers wanted that real tea taste but without long brewing times and the messy nature of loose leaf.

Zacely limited will also be launching two other exciting brands at the

upcoming show. Wild Monk and Teaforia will both follow the same formula

of extremely simple to use products but concentrating again on high quality

ingredients to produce great tasting beverages. Zacely Limited will be

located in the drinks section at stand S4240 in the South Hall at London’s


Simplicitea’s inspiration is sister brand Teaforia, launching also at the IFE with a range of 12 high grade Tea Pockets and fast brewing technology. Taking the tea reformation one step further, Simplicitea does not require any form of brewing, sweetening or additional ingredients added, but it maintains the originality and high quality taste of a range of choice. The stunning unqiue flavours include combinations such as Jasmine Green Tea and Passion Fruit, Assam Black Tea and Strawberry and the exclusive Alishan Oolong Syrup, all 99% caffeine free. The matcha powder range includes products with a very high concentration of tea in flavours such as the zesty Citrus Zen matcha and also ever popular yet unique Vanilla matcha. By just requiring water and no time or mess, Simplicitea is ideal for the fast paced café and tea shop environments.

Simplicitea’s的啟發源自Teaforia,就像它的副牌,也即將在IFE發表,包 含在12項新品茶在內,快速沖泡科技是必須的. 改革茶的既有刻板印 象目前又跨出一大步,Simplicitea這概念並不會要求太多的舊有形式 沖泡,不添加甜味劑或是額外添加香料,卻又保留了原本茶葉的甘甜及 入喉滑順度.這些令人驚訝的口味不但保留了傳統的口味,包括百香茉 莉綠茶,阿薩姆紅茶草莓紅茶,跟阿里山烏龍茶糖漿等,卻又含非常少 量的咖啡因含量. 關於抹茶粉產品,其內料包含高含量抹茶,例如柚香 抹茶,以及很受歡迎的香草抹茶粉僅需要加水就可製作一杯高品質的 飲料,並不需要太繁瑣的製作過程. Simplicitea的概念對於步調相當 快的咖啡店或是茶飲料店再理想不過.

Zacely 有限公司也在同一時間在展會上發表另外兩個令人興奮的產 品.Wild Monk跟Teaforia將跟公司的步伐,呈現其高水準的口感及高 品質的產品用極簡單的方式沖泡每杯飲品.Zacely 有限公司將在攤位 編號:S4240,在倫敦Excel南邊的展覽館與您見面!!