The exhibition will showcase many Taiwanese products that have been awarded the Taiwan Excellence Award, including Giant's TCR Advanced model with which Marianne Vos won the Gold Medal in the Women's Road Race at the London 2012 Olympic Games, to Sonostar's innovative golf GSP system that helps golfers to navigate the course and manage their shots more effectively.

As well as collating products from more than 50 top Taiwanese manufacturers including Airade, Giant, Merida, HTC, ASUS and FreeRider to increase consumer awareness of Taiwanese sports and leisure products. 


Monday   27th August 2012, 10:00-21:00

Tuesday   28th August 2012, 10:00-22:00

Wednesday 29th August 2012, 10:00-22:00

Thursday  30th August 2012, 10:00-22:00

Friday    31st August 2012, 10:00-22:00


The Atrium, Ground Floor, London Westfield,

Ariel Way, Sherpherds Bush, London W12 7GF

倫敦台貿中心將於倫敦Westfield Shepherds Bush購物中心辦理「台灣運動休閒精品體驗館」活動,共徵集曾獲「台灣精品獎(Taiwan Excellence)」之30家台灣業者展出52件運動休閒精品,包括捷安特(Giant)、美利達(Merida)、華碩(ASUS)HTC、自遊實(Freereider)等知名台灣業者,其中捷安特更將展示奧運女子自行車公路賽金牌得Marianne Vos之同款用車(Giant TCR Advanced SL ISP),歡迎各界踴躍前往參觀與體驗台灣運動休閒精品。


現場數十部自行車中,最受矚目的是今年奧運女子自行車公路賽金牌得主荷蘭選手佛斯(Marianne Vos)所騎乘、捷安特生產的TCR同款車,總重量僅6.7公斤,售價達7500英鎊(約新台幣35萬5340元),是全場單價最高的展品。