This year, under the guidance of Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, Taiwan Design Center has made plans for “FRESH TAIWAN”. The exhibition’s organizers have selected 18 local brands and 70 pieces of greatly original design to bring to the most cultural, artistic and avant-garde east London. The mysterious Asian culture and unique design characteristics that are cultivated on the precious island of Taiwan will, during this fascinating festival, be revealed.

At Tent London, ‘Fresh Sense – Taiwan’ presents a range of creative design works, from furniture, housewares to designer’s accessories. Designers rediscover the charm of so-call old fashioned materials such as bamboo, straw, wood and rush grass. By using the features of the materials in a new way, many traditional crafts turn into modern home accessories while the beauty of nature remains clearly manifested.

The exhibition runs from Thursday 20 to Sunday 23 September. For more information and ticket prices, click here.