Hey guys! Wow, this is getting crazy. It is taking a long time to add everyone into the group that has requested. This means you have to wait to add pictures. I've set up a page you can also use. Please go there and add your photos! 

 Watch this YouTube video and everything will be explained.


Grab a camera, go take a picture.

Then, upload it to this Facebook group.

Then, tell us 3 things.

1. The location your picture was taken.
2. Why do you love Taiwan?
3. What do you think Taiwan could improve on? 

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趕快去拿起你的相機, 去拍照. 然後放在這個Facebook的社團.


1. 第一個是這個地方在哪裡?
2. 第二個是為什麼你愛台灣?
3. 第三個是你覺得台灣哪裡可以進步?