It’s all about music! Jam Hsiao World Tour 2012 comes to London on 23 November 2012!

Proudly presented by the promoter of the successful ‘DUO Eason Chan 2012′ at The O2 and ‘Joey Yung Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2011′, the Jam Hsiao World Tour 2012 is scheduled to hit the Wembley Arena on Friday 23 November 2012 in London, UK and promises to be another massive music sensation.

Taiwanese Mandopop singer, Jam Hsiao, rose to fame after only three brief appearances in 2007 at China Television’s (CTV) talent show: ‘ One Million Star’ (equivalent to X-factor and Pop Idols). His wide vocal ranges, unique singing style, diverse music genres, and astounding charisma quickly captures the attention of the Taiwanese Music Industry. He was soon contracted by Warner Music Taiwan Ltd and his career took of with a blast as a professional musician. Jam Hsiao’s music did not only got fervent reception in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore and Malaysia, but also received favourable comments from fellow musicians.

The Jam Hsiao World Concert Tour is Jam’s second major themed concert production which started from Hong Kong in August 2011. The original Hong Kong Show was sold out within a matter of minutes and similar results were booked for his shows in Taiwan and China.

The Jam Hsiao World Tour 2012 London Concert will be Jam’s first ever UK performance which will become one of Jam Hsiao’s musical career highlights. A show packed with live musicians, dancers, special effects and Jam Hsiao at his best!



「有一種精神叫蕭敬騰」是蕭敬騰第二次世界巡迴演唱會的標題。他不迷信大牌樂手,大膽啟用新人給予機會,以開心玩音樂為基調,不堅持只唱自己的歌曲,每一場次均視演出地點更動曲目,增添演出的多樣性以及可看性。2011年8月7日從香港紅磡體育館起跑,公開售票後5分鐘門票隨即售罄, 8月6日加場票再度於6分鐘之內完售。2012年02月11日、12日舉行的台北小巨蛋場又再次上演了門票開賣秒殺之後加場售票再秒殺的盛況。出道僅四年就二度站上小巨蛋開唱,爆滿的票房以及全程零失誤無冷場的舞台表現,確定了蕭敬騰在華語樂壇新生代佼佼者的地位。