Karen Mok, one of the most successful Asian recording artists of all time, released her debut English-language albumSomewhere I Belong in the UK in March 2013.
A genuine superstar in Asia, she has 15 hugely successful albums under her belt, a massive 36 million followers on Chinese microblog service Weibo and made history as both the first Chinese artist to star in a Broadway musical and the first celebrity in Asia to launch her own fragrance and lingerie brand.
From Hong Kong and with Chinese, Welsh, Persian and German heritage, Mok is a multi-award-winning musician and actress who has repeatedly proved that she is one of the most distinguished global talents of her generation.
Recorded in Shanghai during 2012, Somewhere I Belong is an album with global appeal that features Mok’s inimitable take on songs composed by a broad palette of artists and bands ranging from Cole Porter to Portishead, Chris Isaak to Sting and George Gershwin to The Beatles. Reflecting her roots, Mok has included two Chinese songs, including one from the heyday of Shanghai’s swinging jazz scene in the 1930s and ’40s. She also plays the traditional Chinese instrument the guzheng throughout the album.

Support comes in the form of Bugge Wessletoft before Karen and after Karen, a jazz quartet featuring Graeme Blevins, Phil Robson, Sam Burgess and James Powell.

莫文蔚將登上英國爵士樂聖殿演出 再創華人第一

唱片公司更重金邀請到莫文蔚爵士專輯的製作人布格.威塞托夫(Bugge Wesseltoft),這位挪威巨匠「鋼琴聖手」將特地前往英國與莫文蔚一起精彩演出。由於莫文蔚、製作人、場地的檔期都很滿,要商議出一個三方都有空的時間,實在是難上加難,所以對於這次的演出莫文蔚直說:「太棒,太不可思議了!」她也已經赴英國為演出進行準備,將演唱專輯「Somewhere I Belong」的多首曲目,更挑戰在外國人面前演唱中文歌,莫文蔚將用她精湛的表演,去跨越語言的藩籬,她也邀請了英國的親朋好友們屆時一起共襄盛舉。

在英國讀大學時,莫文蔚就以亞洲面孔毛遂自薦參演音樂劇,後來進入娛樂圈後,不斷地自我挑戰和突破,讓她有”百變天后”的封號,更跨越重重障礙圓夢推出爵士專輯「Somewhere I Belong」,也首度進軍國際,開啟了許多華人前所未有的第一次。莫文蔚今年將會舉辦出道20年演唱會,喜歡新嘗試的她,希望能在這次演唱會挑戰一些從未試過的表演方式,為歌迷帶來驚喜。