Mayday “Just Rock It” Concert, London

The most popular Chinese Pop/Rock band in Asia – Mayday is coming to London for their very first concert in the UK! This will be a historical moment for Mayday, and we wish to take this opportunity to invite all their most loving and supportive fans to join us at this incredible and exclusive concert in Wembley Arena. We can guarantee this is going to be the most spectacular Chinese concert ever held in the UK therefore no one should miss it. 

Mayday is well known for the remarkable concert records they have achieved in Asia and since 1998 Mayday have won more than 150 Music Awards worldwide. Mayday is publicly agreed to be one of the best Chinese band ever established in the world and they just can't wait to perform for their fans in the UK!

Date: 27/3/2012
Start: 7.00 pm.
Location: Wembley Arena, Arena Square, Engineers Way, 
London, United Kingdom, HA9 OAA