Saturday, 1 March, 2014
Music Notes from Taiwan

The Taiwanese language is generally considered to be a dialect derived from several of the southern dialects of Fujian Province in Mainland China.  The common pronunciation of the dialect includes eight different intonations, while the language itself rejoices in abundant words, slang and diverse intonation changes that not only form but also direct the nature of the tune in Taiwanese songs.  Therefore, the language is one of the main parts of Taiwanese songs and the core base in the art of singing and performing them.  The style of music back in the era around the second world war was more sentimental, elegant, and reserved in reflection of the more conserved society.  

A selection of memorable folk music to reflect the life and times of Taiwan, a place of exceptional character. The concert is presented and produced by the Push Hands team. Push hand will donate the income to Myriad Centre to support young adults with profound physical and severe learning disabilities.
Taiwan has emerged as a food paradise and an isle of innovation. Its distinct multicultural character reflects the traditions of successive settlers from Spain, the Netherlands and Japan, combined with a mix of indigenous people and a strong lineage from Mainland China. Taiwanese music not only embodies these disparate traditions, but also the country's recent history.
Many songs such as “The Moon Speaks of My Heart”, and “Cloudy Sky” have been woven into the fabric of the community and almost every Taiwanese person can hum at least one tune.
Our programme features Taiwanese folk music from the 1940s. This was a critical time for the Taiwanese people. The end of 50-years Japanese control sparked the beginning of a revival for Taiwan and its people. Not only had this relieved the pain of separation from friends and families, but also it had given the Taiwanese people a long overdue freedom to speak liberally and act without the imposition of foreign ways.
The folk music had been the invisible hand to support the Taiwanese people through the turbulence and inspire others to stay hopeful. The Push Hands team has invited six talented young musicians to perform a unique concert of evocative Taiwanese folk music from this era.
This is the first event that the Push Hands team is holding in an effort to help people in need. On this occasion the charity we are supporting is The Myriad Centre which has been working with young people who have complex disabilities since 2007. The Myriad Centre is an essential charity which supports young adults with profound physical and severe learning disabilities which impact greatly on mobility, communication and independent living. The charity works hard to ensure that each young person accessing the service is supported to achieve their potential as well as providing the care and support for daily life.  The charity is particularly looking for support with raising their public profile and with fundraising for key projects to make a real difference to lives of the people they support.
This charity values your support so please join us on 1st March, 2014 at Royal Overseas League, for what promises to be a delightful and entertaining musical evening.




在我們將台灣民謠之美介紹給外籍人士同時,此次演奏會的售票所得將會捐給Myriad Centre (,去協助多重身心障礙的年輕人在失去政府補助後能繼續的學習及生活在一個充滿關懷與尊重的環境。


台灣民謠巡禮演奏會 (Music Notes from Taiwan)

時間: 19:00,三月一日,星期六 ( 18:15pm 開始入場)

地點: Royal Over-Seas League 
         Over-Seas House, Park Place, St James’s Street, London SW1A 1LR

票價: 20




六月茉莉, 一隻鳥仔

雨夜花, ,丟丟銅

永遠的故鄉, 出外人,杯底不可飼金魚




鋼琴三重奏  "民謠"  望春風

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