What in the world is "Das ROCpool"?!
Das ROCpool is the name of the Taiwanese delegation to Liverpool Sound City this year. "ROC" is short for the Republic of China - the official name of Taiwan - pronounced here as "rock." And "pool"? We've borrowed a little Liverpool cool to reflect the wellspring of musical styles and talents arising from Taiwan's music scene.

Connect with the Mandarin Pop Music Scene
This year, Taiwan is showcasing three hot musical acts that are set to rock, surprise and most of all entertain audiences at Liverpool Sound City. But bringing you our hottest music is only the beginning. We also want to offer you the opportunity to access the Mandopop industry, which is centered in Taiwan. Our lineup of events this year includes a workshop featuring top industry insiders who will share their expertise in a panel discussion. That will be followed by a reception where participants can interact with movers and shakers in the Mandopop music scene. These events are sponsored by the Government Information Office and Riverside from Taiwan.

So that's us – Das ROCpool.
Come join us and listen to a Taiwan you've never heard before!

什麼是 Das ROCpool?Das 為德文中的介系詞,意同英文的「the」,我們希望向國際宣告「這就是台灣的音樂精神」。ROC 代表著台灣在國際上的地位,音同「rock」。Pool 則呼應了英國利物浦音樂節的主辦城市 - Liverpool,而 pool 也象徵著群聚著一大群對音樂充滿熱誠的創作者,為了音樂之路而努力不懈。我們將帶著「Das ROCpool」,這個生生不息、獨立創作的精神,前進國際,向歐陸放聲。


Liverpool Sound City 2012,和我們一起聆聽你從未聽過的台灣音樂!
Liverpool Sound City, held this year from May 17-19, is a hugely respected three-day international music, media and technology conference, as well as live arts and music festival. Hosting over 360 artists performing to 35,000 music fans and 2,500 industry representatives, it packs unparalleled networking, amazing music, groundbreaking film, fantastic photography, eclectic art, and even a football tournament into three inspirational days and nights in the world's most legendary music city.

This year's Taiwan showcase features three outstanding musical groups. Singer/songwriter Peggy Hsu teams up with her band Le Cirque to offer indie pop infused with a childlike whimsy. Monkey Pilot rocks the house with their alt-grunge tunes and a rousing live performance style. Waa Wei captivates audiences with her distinctive, sweet vocals laid over an electronic ambiance with overtones of bossa nova.

利物浦為世界知名搖滾重鎮,也是知名樂團披頭四的故鄉,整個城市擁有一股濃濃的音樂氣息。從 2008 年起,每年定期舉辦的英國利物浦音樂節(Liverpool Sound City),更是吸引世界各地眾多樂迷前往朝聖。超過三百六十個樂團參與演出,來自世界各地觀眾人數超過三萬五千人,利物浦音樂節儼然已成為世界指標性的大型搖滾音樂祭。