The Mennonite Christian Hospital stands in the city of Hualien, Taiwan, bordered on the east by the Pacific Ocean and on the west by the Central Mountain Range. Over the past half-century, with the rising and setting of the sun, and the ebb and flow of the tide, the staff of MCH, past and present, have striven wholeheartedly to raise the standard of healthcare. Medical care has been merged with evangelism in pursuit of the people's health and dignity through holistic healing.

Mennonite Christian Hospital

Strong Point :Prosthetics Aids Service、Hemodialysis Service、Health Examination
Address : No. 44, Minquan Rd, Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan
E-mail :
Phone: +886-3-8241221

民國37年的時候,有一支由6、7人組成的醫療隊伍,首次出現在台灣東部的各個原住民部落;他們以一輛改裝的美國軍用卡車,作為載運美援的醫藥品與罐頭、牛奶等補給品之用,他們當中有外籍醫護人員、傳道人和翻譯員,在台灣醫療史上,他們是第一批以跋山涉水的方式,進入偏遠地區行醫的專業人員。「門諾巡迴醫療隊」就是這支隊伍的名字。而在民國43年以後,因著花蓮人的需要,將醫療範圍擴及至一般的平地人---基督教門諾會醫院於焉成立。 60多年來,門諾醫院以「實踐耶穌基督的愛在最弱小弟兄身上」為使命,行醫傳道遍及花東各地。而在早年,醫院一切開支上的需要,多是從美國的教會、捐款者匯集而來,但是台灣的經濟日益興旺,美援的供應也就隨之停止。民國79年前後,門諾醫院面臨一次重大的擴建需要,於是有越來越多的台灣同胞,參與門諾醫院的擴建捐款。

台灣基督教門諾會醫療財團法人門諾醫院 ( 門諾醫院 )

強項 : 輔具義肢服務、血液透析服務、健康檢查
網址 :
住址: 花蓮縣花蓮市民權路44號
電話: +886-3-8241221

International Health Liaison Centers

Providing travelers from around the world with a ready medical appointment service in Taiwan. All international airports in Taiwan have international health liaison centers ready to provide assistance. The centers provide travelers with medical-related advice and answers to questions, tailor-made medical cosmetic information and promotional materials. Furthermore. They assist with the needed arrangements for foreign visiting patients in the airports.

Taiwan, with its international standards for medical services, is proud of its leading technology in cardiovascular medicine, liver transplants, plastic surgery, joint replacement and artificial reproduction. With its comprehensive medical facilities, convenient clinical visits, friendly service attitude m and state-of-the-art-equipment, medical costs are very competitive in comparison with other advanced countries. Taiwan has become the leading choice for oversea medical treatments.




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