Also called the "Garden Hospital", Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, Taoyuan was established amidst the beautiful Gueishan hills of Taiwan. The hospital extends over a total area of 271, 727.63 square meters, containing 469 beds and 23 medical specialties. Every day it looks after an average of 356 inpatients and looks after an estimate of 403,528 outpatients annually. Chang Gung Memorial Hospital (CGMH) is the largest and most comprehensive non-profit healthcare system in Taiwan which consists of Chang Gung University, Chang Gung Institute of Nursing, Acute Hospital, Chronic Hospital, Chang Gung Nursing Home and Chang Gung Health & Culture Village. One in four of Taiwanese chooses to visit CGMH while they need the medical treatment and each year there are more than 10,000 patients around the world come to CGMH specifically ask for medical purpose. As a leader in medical technology, CGMH has become the specialist training center of Europe, America and Southeast Asia and has been assisted to train more than 1,200 practicing physicians from 68 countries last decade.

Taoyuan Chang Gung Memorial Hospital

Strong Point : Craniofacial Center、Medical Cosmetology、Health Examination
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Address : No 123, Dinghu Rd., Guishan Township, Taoyuan County, Taiwan
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Phone: +886-3-3196299 ext. 3623

長庚醫院為國內少數大型急性綜合醫院,其現有醫療設備及醫療水準與國際醫院比較,毫不遜色;今本著 王董事長一貫『取之於社會,用之於社會』之創業精神,續將這二十多年來在臺灣醫界開創美好醫療根基,盼能再充分利用人力及設備前題下,再延伸來照顧急需照顧的慢性病人。企盼能在『桃園長庚紀念醫院』成立後所建構之慢性病院、中醫藥醫學中心及其他醫學工程之相輔相成下,形成一完整的醫療服務體系來照顧台灣人民,期使民眾能在長庚『桃園長庚紀念醫院』真能充分享受到醫療照護之品質,這也是我們企盼達成之服務目標。

長庚醫療財團法人桃園長庚紀念醫院 ( 桃園長庚醫院 )

強項 : 顱顏中心、醫學美容、健康檢查
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住址: 桃園縣龜山鄉頂湖路123號
電話: +886-3-3196299 ext. 3623

International Health Liaison Centers

Providing travelers from around the world with a ready medical appointment service in Taiwan. All international airports in Taiwan have international health liaison centers ready to provide assistance. The centers provide travelers with medical-related advice and answers to questions, tailor-made medical cosmetic information and promotional materials. Furthermore. They assist with the needed arrangements for foreign visiting patients in the airports.

Taiwan, with its international standards for medical services, is proud of its leading technology in cardiovascular medicine, liver transplants, plastic surgery, joint replacement and artificial reproduction. With its comprehensive medical facilities, convenient clinical visits, friendly service attitude m and state-of-the-art-equipment, medical costs are very competitive in comparison with other advanced countries. Taiwan has become the leading choice for oversea medical treatments.




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