UNIVERSAL eye center is the largest ophthalmology group and being the first to introduce LASIK procedure in Taiwan, with the experience of more than 200 thousand LASIK operations.

UNIVERSAL eye center is the only Ophthalmology clinic in the country to receive two international qualifications. We have not only passed ISO9001 international quality auditing but also certified by Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation and certification. JCI is a world leader in healthcare organization accreditation to help ensure a safe environment for patients, staff and visitors.

As a high-quality laser vision Correction Center, UNIVERSAL eye center is conveniently located at the center of the city with safe and clean environment . In addition, we have the world’s top of the line equipment such as Ziemer Femtosecond Laser, Advanced Excimer Laser and Amaris, taking the field of vision correction procedure in the nation to another realm.

Universal Eye Clinic

Strong Point :Femtosecond Phacoemulsion Cation、Femtosecond Blade-Free Laser、Eye Examination
Website :www.eyedoctor.com.tw
Address : 台北市中正區新生南路三段54-3號
E-mail : jamie.lin@eyecenter.com.tw, giu.inn@eyecenter.com.tw
Phone: +886-2-2655-8000 ext. 215, +886-2-23688055 ext.16



強項 : 白內障手術、雷射手術、全眼精密健康檢查
網址 : www.eyedoctor.com.tw
住址: 台北市中正區新生南路三段54-3號
電子信箱:jamie.lin@eyecenter.com.tw, giu.inn@eyecenter.com.tw
電話: +886-2-2655-8000 ext. 215, +886-2-23688055 ext.16

International Health Liaison Centers

Providing travelers from around the world with a ready medical appointment service in Taiwan. All international airports in Taiwan have international health liaison centers ready to provide assistance. The centers provide travelers with medical-related advice and answers to questions, tailor-made medical cosmetic information and promotional materials. Furthermore. They assist with the needed arrangements for foreign visiting patients in the airports.

Taiwan, with its international standards for medical services, is proud of its leading technology in cardiovascular medicine, liver transplants, plastic surgery, joint replacement and artificial reproduction. With its comprehensive medical facilities, convenient clinical visits, friendly service attitude m and state-of-the-art-equipment, medical costs are very competitive in comparison with other advanced countries. Taiwan has become the leading choice for oversea medical treatments.




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