Located beside a major mass rapid transit station in Taipei, Wan Fang Medical Center has 730 beds, 50 medical departments and over 300 specialists from every medical specialty. It is especially known for its Neurosurgery, Neurology, Cardiology and Orthopedics departments. Ever since its founding, the hospital has been striving for total quality management to ensure that patients receive their care of the highest standard. Wan Fang Hospital has passed JCI accreditation in 2006 and 2009. The hospital also established an International Liaison Center for coordination with foreign visitors.

Wan Fang Hospital

Strong Point : Heated Intraoperative Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy、 Nervous Tumors Treatment、Chronic Lymphedema of Lower Limb
Website : www.taiwanhealthcare.com
Address : No. 111, Sec. 3, Xinglong Rd, Wenshan Dist., Taipei City, Taiwan
E-mail : ims@w.tmu.edu.tw
Phone: +886-2-29307930 ext. 7766


( 萬芳醫院 ) 台北市立萬芳醫院 ( 委託台北醫學大學辦理 )

強項 : 腹腔內溫熱化療、神經系統腫瘤治療、象腿手術
網址 : www.taiwanhealthcare.com
住址: 台北市文山區興隆路三段111號
電話: +886-2-29307930 ext. 7766

International Health Liaison Centers

Providing travelers from around the world with a ready medical appointment service in Taiwan. All international airports in Taiwan have international health liaison centers ready to provide assistance. The centers provide travelers with medical-related advice and answers to questions, tailor-made medical cosmetic information and promotional materials. Furthermore. They assist with the needed arrangements for foreign visiting patients in the airports.

Taiwan, with its international standards for medical services, is proud of its leading technology in cardiovascular medicine, liver transplants, plastic surgery, joint replacement and artificial reproduction. With its comprehensive medical facilities, convenient clinical visits, friendly service attitude m and state-of-the-art-equipment, medical costs are very competitive in comparison with other advanced countries. Taiwan has become the leading choice for oversea medical treatments.




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