The Taiwan Tourism Bureau will be running a major event at Bluewater on Saturday 2nd November 2013, located in the Moon Court outside Marks and Spencer.  Pop in for a chance to win two return tickets to Taipei and a private nine day tour around the island!

As an island, Taiwan sits just over 100 miles from China and was originally named ‘Ilha Formosa’ (Beautiful Island) by Portuguese sailors in the 1500s. It’s not hard to see why. Diverse both culturally and geologically, Taiwan is an enlightening destination with thousands of years of history as well as dramatic landscapes, natural beauty, indigenous traditions and incredible food.

Located on the edge of the Pacific Ring of Fire, Taiwan has a varied landscape of majestic peaks, rolling hills and impressive gorges.  The Central Mountain Range forms the backbone of the country, created by ancient tectonic and volcanic activity. Rich, fertile plains and basins are found at its feet and the island’s coastline cliffs drop away dramatically into the sea. This combination of terrain makes each region of Taiwan strikingly different and a delight to discover.

Visit the Taiwan Tourism Bureau at Bluewater Shopping Centre on Saturday 2nd November for a chance to discover more about the island, as well as win one of two return tickets to Taipei and a private nine day tour of the country.