Taiwanese band Monkey Pilot 猴子飛行員 
There is something infectious about Monkey Pilot - a Taiwanese band whose name and philosophy are based on launching a monkey into space. The fearlessness this represents is apparent in their live shows, where they rock audiences with alt-grunge tunes.

Lead singer Tony Wang is a formidable presence, both physically and musically, driving songs with vocals that have been likened to those of Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder. Wang is backed up by drummer Erin Wang, and John Chen on guitar, Yao Yu on bass and Zane Yang on acoustic guitar complete the group. Their music - influenced by hard rock, alternative, funk, blues, reggae and metal—has been described as "avant-garde, bold yet sophisticated, persistent and humorous, and daring without compromise." The group contends that these contradictory elements form the perfect mojo and are what have made them so close as a band.

Monkey Pilot released their debut song My Guitar in 2009, featuring a retro style reminiscent of 1960s rock. Their easygoing lyrics depict the banality of urban life in Taiwan. They followed up with an album of the same name in 2010 that propelled them to fame. For their efforts, they picked up seven Golden Indie Award nominations, including those for "Best Band" and "Best Rock 'n' Roll Album" that year. They were later nominated for "Best Band" at the 2011 Golden Melody Awards - the Mandarin music scene's equivalent of the Grammys.

男人味、啤酒味、汗水味  硬! 直! 爽!
呈現原汁原味美式搖滾 ,致力六十年代復古風格,猴子飛行員擁有難得一見的雙吉它強撼飆風威力,用乾脆俐落暢快淋漓的搖滾風格征服樂迷!

成立於 2006 年,猴子飛行員五個團員卻各自有十幾年的搖滾經歷,包括曾是刺客的吉它手和糯米團的貝斯手,每個團員也有各自擅長和喜愛的曲風,而精湛的技術和對搖滾樂的執著,讓他們在音樂的道路上相遇。

從 Hard Rock、Alternative、 Funk、Blues、Reggae 甚至 Metal,來自團員的多元音樂養份,讓猴子飛行員的音樂中有搖滾樂的傳統與創新、粗獷與細膩、認真與詼諧、放肆與堅持,融合成收放自如、舉重若輕的經典美式搖滾。想感受最男人味的硬漢搖滾,你一定要聽猴子飛行員!