A dark and poetic comedy, Seven Days in Heaven centers on one woman’s experience of the death and funeral of her father. Mei, resolutely urban, makes her way back to her rural—and sometimes backward—hometown, where she and her brother endure a series of arcane and elaborate funeral rites. Their frustrations are frequently punctuated by genuine feelings of loss. Co-directors Wang Yu-lin and Essay Liu (who also wrote the screenplay) deliver a film that assumes a lighthearted approach to its otherwise severe themes of death and grief. Emotionally complex and often ironic, Seven Days in Heaven investigates the turbulent spectrum of emotions associated with the passing of a loved one and the vagaries of modern-day death with a humorous touch that is both direct and heartfelt. (San Francisco Film Society, 2010)

- Adopted from the 2006 winning prose of the Lin Rung San literary award

- 2010 Winner of the Golden Horse Best Adapted Screenplay Award & Best Supporting Actor Award

Sunday 24th February 3.30 pm

Nissan Lecture Theatre, St Antony's College

All are welcome!

(film in Mandarin/Taiwanese with English subtitles)

Organized by the Oxford University Taiwanese Student Society (OUTSS) and the Taiwan Studies Programme at Asian Studies Centre, St Antony's College