Waa Wei   魏如萱
Taiwanese indie-pop chanteuse Waa Wei is known for her distinctive sweet vocals. Since launching her musical foray as a solo artist in 2007, Waa (known to fans as "Wawa" or "doll") has released two albums and one single. She has experimented with her musical form in these releases, with a resulting style that is delightful, captivating and often surprising.

Waa joined Taiwanese music distributor Avant Garden Records to release her first solo album La Dolce Vita in November 2007. A full-on multinational affair, the album saw tracks helmed by artists such as Maximilian Hecker from Germany and Mondialito from Japan. Filled with electronic ambience and bossa nova overtones, the album was met with an overwhelmingly positive reception and remains a unique offering on Taiwan's music market.

In 2008, Waa released a three-track single, Bubbles, in collaboration with music writer and producer Chen Chien-chi. That same year, Waa also got her feet wet in cinema and theater, appearing in the feature film Candy Rain and in a musical theater rendition of the book A Chance of Sunshine, by Taiwanese artist Jimmy Liao.

Waa's highly anticipated second album Graceful Porcupine was released in May 2010.

甜美又感性 獨特的都市創作女聲
魏如萱,綽號娃娃。2003 年以樂團主唱之姿出道,發行過二張專輯及二張單曲。2007 年正式單飛,開始唱遊華語音樂市場。

時而甜美、時而感性,嗓音聲線極富如戲劇的多變化性的魏如萱,音樂作品包含了二張專輯及二張 EP。聲音的獨特性在他的音樂作品中,讓人有時而擁抱幸福、時而享受狐獨與寂寞。聽完他的音樂作品,彷彿切入某一段生活片刻的回憶,不自覺會微笑仰望天空。

2011 年魏如萱發行第三張創作專輯 不允許哭泣的場合,獲得華語樂壇廣大好評。今年初成功於 TICC 舉辦大型個人演唱會,儼然已是台灣音樂圈不容忽視的實力派創作歌手。如果你還不認識魏如萱,請來聽她唱歌,相信你會忍不住沈溺於她獨特的音樂世界中。