Peggy Hsu 許哲珮
I sponsored a 1 day trip for 150 students studying in UK from China, Hongkong, Macau and Taiwan to visit the historic Leeds Castle in Kent.

The event was a great success; after 1 month of cold and wet weather we were blessed by God with a fine and sunny day, so we were able to enjoy a delicious lunch picnic in the scenic castle grounds after visiting the beautiful castle. 
I gave a speech on my business experience and my support for the development of the next generation of business and government leaders from the two sides.  I encouraged them to share their ideas for new business opportunities so that the relationship between the two sides can continue to be prosperous and peaceful.   Building a relationship will build prosperity (money), is a Chinese saying.
The keynote of my speech was the sharing of my experience of business which will encourage the next generation of business leaders to develop further prosperity and peace in the world. My inspiration are the achievements and ambitions of Alfred Nobel who founded the famous Nobel Prize for outstanding achievement in the fields of Science, Literature, Peace and Medicine.  I stressed that since I and my fellow business leaders only have another 20 years or so remaining in this world, the responsibility for continuing to create world peace and prosperity lies with the next generation.
On the bus journey my idea was to make ladies sit with gentlemen so that opportunities for friendship and possibly love could develop. 

Singer/songwriter Peggy Hsu fronts band Le Cirque, which offers a unique flavor of indie pop that is infused with bossa nova, jazz and a childlike whimsy that is balanced by a depth of maturity. Her inimitable music style has won her fans and critical acclaim across Asia.

Hsu got her start at the age of 19, rising quickly to fame after uploading a demo of an original single entitled "Balloon" to a Chinese-language digital music website. The track was the most-downloaded for the year 2001, and scored for Hsu a record deal. A subsequent album bearing the same title created a storm in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia, going platinum in each market. A decade later, the prolific Hsu has six studio albums to her credit.

Not only is Hsu known for being a magnetic live performer, she is also hotly pursued as a songwriter and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in the Mandarin music scene. Her work has been honored with several nominations at the Golden Melody Awards - the Mandarin music scene's equivalent of the Grammys - including "Best New Artist" in 2002 and "Best Album Producer" in 2007, the latter of which she went on to win. Since 2009, Hsu has published independently and is currently working closely with well-known Taiwanese indie record label Wonder Music. Her latest release, "Magical Shop", hit the shelves in November 2011.

華語樂團的「冰樂精靈」 天馬行空的音樂幻想
無師自通的 Peggy,八歲即寫下第一首詞曲創作。十九歲時將自己的詞曲創作《氣球》demo 放上網站供網友下載,竟締造全年點播冠軍的成績。‬

以鋼琴為主要創作及演繹樂器的 Peggy,2001 年發行首張全創作專輯《氣球》,成功囊括包括中港台及新馬各地獎項,也入圍了「2002 台灣金曲獎最佳新人獎」。之後她遂沈潛於幕後學習音樂製作,迄今參與製作的華語歌曲超過百餘首,2007 年更因共同製作獨立樂團 Tizzy Bac 專輯,獲得台灣「第十八屆金曲獎最佳專輯製作人」獎項。