1. About the Program:

The Taiwan Excellence Student Ambassador Program is launched to encourage college students to understand the innovation that has gone into the Taiwan Excellence, and the advantages of these award-winning Taiwanese products.

The Taiwan Excellence Student Ambassadors are selected to help us promote the Taiwan Excellence through their social network. For instance, all student ambassadors are required to complete the following 3 objectives: 1) to be the guide in the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, 2) to invite their friends to visit, 3) and to recommend the high-quality Taiwan Excellence products through the Internet. We hope this program will help generate more interest and recognition for Taiwan Excellence’s genuine value.

 2. Organizer:

Supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)
Organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, MOEA
Implemented by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)

3. Eligibility Requirements:

1) Applicants must be an undergraduate or graduate student (including international students and overseas Chinese students) enrolled full-time for at least one semester during the 2012-2013 academic years. Graduating students, EMBA or in-service master program students are not eligible.

2) Good Mandarin and English (or other languages) proficiency, good communication skills are required. A passion to learn new things and to provide service is a must.

3) Freely available for duty in July and August.

4. Application Deadline: June 19th, 2013

5. Tour Guide Service Period: July 9th - August 31st, 2013, 20 days in total during the service period.

6. Word-of-mouth advertising execution timeframe: July 9th - August 31st, 2013 

7. Tour Guide Venue: Taiwan Excellence Pavilion (181 Zhongshan North Road Section 3, Taipei)

8. Application & Selection:

1) Application: download and fill out the application form, and email it toexcellence@taitra.org.tw.

2) Selection process (2 phases):

(1) Document review: personality interview, language proficiency, Social media usage, and related service, or society participation experiences will be evaluated. Participants who passed the document review will be informed before June 28th, and scripts about the Taiwan Excellence tour will be provided by the organizer for review.

(2) Interview: the interview will include two sessions, 1) the guided tour review and 2) the Q&A. The performance of both sessions will be evaluated by professional judges.

*Guided tour review: Each applicant is required to prepare the guide scripts (either Chinese or English) in advance. During the interview, each participant has to perform a short guide in the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, and which products to present on will be decided by drawing lots on-sight.

3) 6 applicants who have succeeded in the 2-phase selection process will become the Taiwan Excellence Student Ambassador this year. The selected student ambassadors will be notified before July 5th by telephone and email.

9. Educational Training: Some training lessons will be arranged before July 9th, including the topics for professional guide training, introduction to Taiwan Excellence and the products, etc.

10. Missions & Goals (July-August):

1) Mission 1: Word-of-mouth advertising

a. Invite friends to visit the Taiwan Excellence Pavilion, and ask them to leave a message to show their support for the student ambassador.

b. Write short essays or upload pictures about Taiwan Excellence to Taiwan Excellence’s Facebook Page, sharing them on their own blog, or Facebook’s personal page, (or Google+, Twitter,), and collect the “likes,”(“+1s,”) and the “shares.” There may be chances to participate in the press interviews during July-August.

2) Mission 2: Be a tour guide in Taiwan Excellence Pavilion

a. During the service period, each student ambassador has to provide tour guide service (in Chinese or English mainly), according to the scheduled shift created by the organizer.

b. The minimum hours of duty for each student ambassador will be no less than 5 days per week (8 hours a day; must include the weekends), 20 days in total during the service period. Duty related regulations must be obeyed to complete the mission.

3) Mission 3: Personal contribution report

a. The report should be written according to the request form, including the picture of the essays and pictures about Taiwan Excellence you have uploaded to your own Facebook account (Google+, or Twitter,) or blog. The report has to be sent to excellence@taitra.org.tw before September 2nd.

b. To complete this mission, each student ambassador must upload at least 5 essays (with pictures), and collect more than 250 “likes,”(“+1s,”) and or “shares”.

 11. Overall Performance Check & Remuneration

1) Remuneration: each student ambassador who successfully completes the 3 missions could be rewarded a service certificate and a NTD$30,000 scholarship. For the top three who contributes the most in the word-of-mouth mission, we will provide an additional NTD$30,000 bonus for the first place, NTD$20,000 bonus for the second placeand NTD$10,000 bonus for the third place.

2) The student ambassadors will be informed on when they will receive their rewards upon our confirmation of receipt of their application and our summary of their overall performance.

 12. Please Note the Following:

1) If the application form was not filled out completely, it will affect the applicants’ document review scores.

2) The application form has to be filled out correctly. If false information or repeated application is found, the review process will be cancelled.

3) Overseas Chinese students should be responsible for their spending (transportation, accommodation, meals, medical insurance, etc.) during the participation period.

4) Foreign students and overseas Chinese students must have the Taiwan work permit before applying for the program. Regarding to the work permit application, please check the Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training website (www.evta.gov.tw). Overseas Chinese students shall have valid Republic of China Visas to apply for the work permit in Taiwan.

5) According to the Income Tax Law, we will deduct the tax in advance before giving the rewards.

6) We reserve the right to revise or add supplementary information to the program.

 13. For Additional Information: