Now in its fifth year, the Asia House 2013 Pan-Asia Film Festival includes 12 films, with UK 
premieres of brand new work by star directors like the legendary ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano
(Zatoichi, Brother), Pen-Ek Ratanaruang (Last Life in the Universe) and Takashi Shimizu
(The Grudge), as well as a very special preview of controversial blockbuster The Reluctant 
Fundamentalist (starring Riz Ahmed and Kate Hudson). 
London venues include the  ICA, the Genesis, the Rio Cinema,  Ciné Lumière, Cineworld 
Haymarket, Asia House and the Electric Cinema. Satellite screenings  are  taking  place  in
Brighton (Duke of York’s), Glasgow (GFT) and Leeds (Hyde Park Picture House).
The Festival’s opening film is the UK Premiere of Golden Horse Award winning Taiwanese 
box office smash  Gf*Bf*, directed by Ya-Che Yang.  A  love  triangle  set  against  the 
backdrop of Taiwan’s  1980s  and  1990s  democracy movement,  it  is  a  powerful  portrait  of friendship, love and a changing society. Director to attend and available for interview. UK 
The Festival closes with  Poor Folk,  a truly pan-Asian story from Taiwanese-Burmese 
director Midi Z  (Return  to  Burma). Siblings separated while crossing between Burma and 
Thailand enter lives of crime and hardship. Unfolding in Bangkok and rural Thailand, this is a
dark, sometimes  humourous  tale  of  familial  commitment  challenged  by crime and the 
exploitation of the global market.  Director & lead actress  Ke-Xi Wu  to  attend  and 
available for interview. UK Premiere

Legendary Japanese director  Takeshi Kitano  returns  to  the  crime  genre  that  made  his 
name in Outrage Beyond,  a  tense,  gripping  and  darkly  funny  study  of  the  sinister 
machinations and complex politics of Japan’s biggest criminal family. UK Premiere
One of Thailand’s most  inventive filmmakers,  Pen-ek Ratanaruang  (Last Life in the
Universe) returns with Headshot, a cool Buddhist twist on the noir thriller. This is a tale of a 
cop-turned-killer who finds karma catching up with him after an accident leaves him literally 
seeing the world upside down. UK Premiere

The festival is delighted to present its first ever late night screenings with Tormented 3D,
the latest offering from Takashi Shimizu (The Grudge). When her brother disappears into a 
strange dream world a young mute  woman must rescue him,  in  this  frightening, visually 
spectacular film that sees Shimizu and cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Hero, In The 
Mood For Love) making brilliant use of 3D technology. UK Premiere
The Reluctant Fundamentalist, directed by Mira Nair, will preview as a part of this year’s 
festival. Adapted from  Mohsin Hamid's acclaimed novel, the film stars  Riz Ahmed  as  a 
young Pakistani man living in New York thrown into an identity crisis by 9/11, after which he 
moves to Lahore, where he becomes a controversial figure, leading to a dramatic meeting 
with a mysterious US journalist. Also starring Kate Hudson. Talent attendance TBC. 
The Pan-Asia Film Festival  has built a reputation for screening the most dynamic and 
challenging cinema from all over Asia. With films from Iran to Japan presented in the UK for 
the first time, the festival allows audiences to explore and understand Asian cultures through 
cinema, director Q & As and events. The  2013  edition  is  supported  by  a  number  of  high 
profile guests and patrons, including Nikki Bedi and Hardeep Singh Kohli, who will be 
judging the festival’s  inaugural  Best  Film  Award  alongside  Festival  Director  Sumi  Ghose. 
With a focus on the most powerful new films from both established and young directors, and 
on  films that reflect the changing nature of Asia in a globalised world, 2013 is by far the 
biggest festival to date.

Other screenings include: 
Patang (India, dir. Prashant Bhargava)
A moving, colourful and poetic journey to Ahmedabad, the home of India’s largest kite 
festival, whose spectacular sight of one million kites flying above the city is the backdrop to a 
moving story of a family facing up to potentially devastating secrets. Director to attend and 
available for interview. UK Premiere
111 Girls (Iran, dir. Nahid Ghobadi)
A fascinating debut from Nahid Ghobadi (sister of world-renowned Iranian filmmaker 
Bahman Ghobadi), 111 Girls is a lightly satirical tale of a government bureaucrat’s strange 
journey into Iranian Kurdistan to find a community of young women who have threatened 
mass suicide. A wry, warm take on the cultural landscape of modern Iran. UK Premiere
Material (South Africa/UK, dir Craig Freimond)
Cassim is a young Muslim who works in his father's fabric shop in Johannesburg. But
Cassim dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, which his father disproves of, and when
he gets a gig at a local bar, he has to find a way of keeping it a secret in this hilarious 
exploration of generational divides.
Fresh Wave Film Festival  presents  a  Hong  Kong  Young Filmmakers Shorts 
Programme, followed by an international discussion
Fresh Wave, one of Asia's most important film festivals for breaking new talent, brings a 
special shorts programme to UK of its award winning 2012 selection, followed by a 
discussion with the filmmakers and a special international discussion via the revolutionary 
Google Hangouts technology. UK Premiere
The Revolutionary (USA, dir. Irv Drasnin, Don Sellers, Lucy Ostrander)
A riveting and absorbing document of China's unknown history, told through the story of 
Sidney Rittenberg, an American GI who joined the Communist Party and played an active 
role in China’s communist revolution, before his independent mindedness saw him spend 
sixteen years in solitary confinement. Accompanied by a discussion at Asia House. UK 
The King of Pigs (South Korea, dir: Yeon Sang-ho)
In this animated feature  Kyung-min, a businessman,  and  Jong-suk, a failed writer, are 
former schoolmates. At a reunion dinner they look back on their school days when a cruel 
group of students, "the dogs", exercised a reign of terror on the other students, the "pigs". 
One of their schoolmates, Kim Chul, stood up to the "dogs", becoming a hero. But behind 
this figure, the two men recall the murky story of their bond. Special festival screening in 
association with Terracotta Distribution.
Festival Sponsor:
The 2013 Pan-Asia Film Festival is sponsored by Prudential plc.