Transition's London 2012 Homecoming Concert

Transition (前進樂團) are a UK rock band who have been a band for over 15 years! They have toured extensively in the UK and Europe, most recently spending the past 3 years touring and recording in Asia (performing in South Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore) being based in Taiwan. After their hit song 'Dui Bu Qi (對不起我的中文不好)‘ (which was recorded and shot as part of a documentary of the band's time in Taiwan) they started work on a full mandarin Chinese album, which will be released in late 2012. During their time in Taiwan they have collaborated with influential artists such as Jay Chou, A-du, Rainie Yang, Tizzy Bac, Wing (羅文裕). Now they have returned to the UK to play and perform the official song for the Chinese Taipei Olympic Team. See them play live at a one off concert at the Roundhouse on July 28th... 

Start:07:00pm , 
Door Open:06:30pm
Location:The Studio Theatre, Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH
Station:Chalk Farm Road Station(Northern line)

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Transition, not to be confused with a disbanded Pittsburgh punk group of the same name, is an English rock indie band hailing from Bristol. They lend their style to the influence of U2, Radioheadand Jeff Buckley, and were voted amongst the Top Ten Bands in the UK on Channel 4's Slash Music Showcase. Formed in 2007, Transition is made up of the brothers Jesse Edbrooke (guitarist) and Josh Edbrooke (drummer) together with Niall Dunne (guitarist). They said that they like Taiwan and Taiwanese people. They sing some of their songs in Chinese.

The band has released six albums and are distributed by Corridor Records in the UK and WWR in Asia. Their most recent release, Three Bridges (2008), received a nine out of ten rating from Cross Rhythms UK.
The band has a fan base largely based in Asia, having performed in the UK, Sweden, Taiwan (where the band played at the Spring Scream (春天吶喊) and Formoz (野台開唱) music festivals),Korea and Hong Kong. In 2008, the band played at Bay Beats from 29 to 30 August, an indie music festival in Singapore. They were the final act on the Nokia Arena at the Esplanade on the last day of the festival. Most recently, they stayed in Taipei, Taiwan for over six months.

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-Transition's documentary
-Real Dreams, Cornwall UK 2009
-Olympic Dream Official song
-Dui Bu Qi
-Cover of 3 A-Mei hits!


Olympic dream 榮耀的戰役

前進 前進
前進 Olympic dream

流淚撒種 必歡呼收割
彼此的心跳 交織成一首歌
Olympic dream 激盪的旋律

"音樂可以鼓舞士氣,振奮人心,選手在參賽期間能聽到加油的聲音或美妙的音樂,無形中可以增加奮戰的精神,堅持無比的信心與耐力,突破自我,創造佳績。" (中華奧會蔡辰威主席)

門票建議價: £20
演出地點:The Studio Theatre, Roundhouse, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8EH
地點站:Chalk Farm Road Station(Northern Line)


「前進樂團」於1997年由來自英國 Bristol的Josh和Jess Edbrooke兄弟,以及Niall Dunne成立,他們以「Transition前進」當團名,因為要提醒自己這個樂團要時時進步、改變和前進。樂團的鼓手Josh因之前認識了一位寄宿在他家的留英台灣學生,在完成音樂創作並巡迴歐洲演出幾年之後,2005年他們首度踏入亞洲,並在墾丁春天吶喊主場中獲得廣大樂迷的迴響,因此決定在台北定居。

Transition 前進樂團,是由三個令人矚目的大男孩所組成。他們原始振奮的聲音,引起了全國各地眾多音樂評論家和歌迷的支持。他們的音樂在精心製作的安排下,大膽融合了澎湃的情緒與能量,並結合高揚的曲調和豐富的合聲在創新的節奏當中。



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品銓 歐洲代購&退稅

-前進 Olympic Dream Official (中華奧運主題歌曲)
-Dui Bu Qi 對不起我的中文不好