SEEDIQ BALE tells the extraordinary true story of the resistance of the aboriginal Seediq tribes to Japanese colonisation of Taiwan. After the Seediq are conquered by the Japanese army, clan chief Mouna Rudo secretly unites the tribes and organises 300 warriors to stage a coup during the annual Sports Day celebrations. They conspire to massacre the Japanese officials. Using their knowledge of the forest and with desperate courage they wage a guerilla style war against their oppressors, until the Japanese mobilise their superior firepower to crush the rebellion.

SEEDIQ BALE is a moving, visually stunning war epic from Wei Te-Sheng which reclaims an extraordinary episode from 20th-century history which is little-known even in Taiwan.

Awards:  Best Feature Film - Golden Horse Award, Best Supporting Actor, Boken Kosan - Golden Horse Award, Best Original Film Score - Golden Horse Award, Best Sound Effects - Golden Horse Award

Dir:  Wei Te-Sheng
Cast:  Masanobu Andô, Umin Boya, Da Ching
150 min
Aboriginal (Seediq), Japanese (English subtitles)

Screening:Saturday 14 April 2012 (doors open 17:45)