Yoga Lin London [FUGUE] Concert

Yoga Lin, the first ever champion of the most popular Taiwanese television music competition show - One Million Star has evidenced to attract fans from every age group due to his unique vocal characteristics, musical versatility and his lovable personality. In October 2012, Yoga will travel half the world to London for his very first concert in the UK. The concert will cover his hottest singles from the past few years, including those recorded in his previous awards winning albums. This will no doubt be the most spectacular Chinese concert in London of 2012.

Be prepared to be amazed by the power of music!

Central Hall Westminster
Storey's Gate London, Westminster, London SW1H 9NH

Date: 12th October 2012
Time: 7:30 pm


超級星光大道第一季冠軍林宥嘉將帶著他最迷幻動人的音樂來到英國倫敦成為首位倫敦個唱最年輕的華語歌手! 林宥嘉獨特的嗓音和多變的音樂曲風保證給你聽覺和視覺上最[神遊]的享受。如果你不理解[神遊]的定意或不曾經歷[神遊]的境界,那麼請你務必親臨現場體驗這不得言傳的感受。


場地: Central Hall Westminster
日期: 2012年10月12日
時間: 7:30 pm