Taiwan Festival - A Celebration of TW Culture in the U.K.


      About Taiwanese Food Fete 

    The Taiwanese Food Fete has been held once yearly since 2000. Various regional styles of Chinese and Taiwanese foods are presented. This yearly event provides Taiwan's Food & Beverage industry the opportunity to showcase the latest trends from the island.

     Taiwanese Food Fete is at heart a community project. It is an event where members of the Taiwanese community in London can celebrate and enjoy food, music and dance with their friends and neighbours of all nationalities, in a similar way to a local festival in Taiwan. Everyone has a stake in the event: Taiwanese businesses each provide financial and volunteer support; Taiwanese traders and restaurants share their wares; Taiwanese performers young and old, give of their skills.

Taiwanese Food Fete Executive Committee

     The organisers’ work is to bring all the various strands together and to provide the vision and the administrative back up to realise the event. The lead is taken by Taiwanese Food Fete Executive Committee, in association with Taiwanese Association in the UK(TAIUK), Taiwanese Women's Association in the UK(TWAUK), Creative Enterprise Organization in the UK(CEOUK), Students' Union of the Republic of China in the United Kingdom(SUROCUK), Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in England - Junior Chapter(TCCE-JC), Taiwanese Chamber of Commerce in England - Junior Chapter(TCCE) and Global Federation of Chinese Business Women in the UK. Supported by Overseas Compatriot Affairs Commission(OCAC),R.O.C(Taiwan)

 About Taiwan's Foods

Taiwanese Cuisine

Taiwan is home to an ethnic and cultural diversity that affects its dietary culture as well. Taiwanese cuisine has been strongly influenced by foods rooted in mainland China’s Fujian province, and also by the cuisines of Fuzhou, Chaozhou and Guangdong...More 

Taiwanese Seafood

Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, and ocean currents flow past and converge just off the island’s coast, creating good fishing grounds and enriching Taiwan’s marine resources. In addition, research on and advances in breeding technology have improved the variety and quality of seafood available in Taiwan, giving people more choices when selecting seafood as an ingredient. Seafood has thus become an indispensable element of daily fare in Taiwan...More

Fusion Chinese

Chinese cuisine is a crystallization of culinary wisdom and experience accumulated over several millennia. Through evolution and refinement over time, common everyday ingredients have come to be used to produce exquisite delicacies whose appearance, aroma, flavor and texture all appeal to the senses. Chinese cuisine has indeed established a unique reputation worldwide...More

Hakka Cuisine

When the Hakka people first arrived in Taiwan, they toiled to open up new land and build new homes. The many hardships they faced led them to lead lives of frugality. To cope with adversities arising from migration and life in the mountains, they relied on farming and natural resources, processing and preserving foodstuffs through dehydration or pickling for future consumption. As a result, they developed a variety of special ingredients, sauces and dishes that are distinctive of the Hakka culinary tradition...More

Indigenous Peoples’ Dishes

The food culture of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples is encapsulated in the phrase “living off the mountains and seas.” Traditionally a fishing and hunting society, the indigenous peoples lived a carefree life eating naturally flavored foods and drinking millet wine. Their primary sources of food included wild edible plants, mountain boar, wild deer, and freshwater fish and shrimp...More

Night Market Foods

Taiwan’s xiaochi (小吃)—often found in night markets—fully showcase local customs and dietary culture, presenting a range of special features and flavors from north to south. Truly local tastes are found among those dishes served up in markets, streets and alleys. The fusion of ethnic groups has brought innovation to traditional snacks, creating new favorites while bringing fresh life to old standbys...More

Drinks, Desserts and Gift Ideas

Taiwan is a veritable paradise for food lovers. From spacious shopping malls to narrow alleyways, fabulous food and tasty treats abound everywhere. In addition to the haute cuisine of restaurants, the discerning connoisseur can also sample mouthwatering night market foods, delicious confections, food gifts, and of course, Taiwanese beverages...More