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World-class professional medical care team and high-tech cosmetic surgery service

In 2009, Nobel prize winner Paul Krugman publicly praised Taiwan's healthcare system as the best in the world; in 2007, the IMD “World Competitiveness Yearbook” reported that Taiwan's healthcare infrastructure ranked 13th in the world, outperforming those of many developed countries. Taiwan has won international approval with its complete and thorough medical care system, excellent medical staff, and stellar medical technology. The first successful heart transplant in Asia was performed in Taiwan. Taiwan's liver transplant survival rate at the fifth year is already higher than the United States’; the first-year survival rate is 95.1%, and the fifth-year survival rate is up to 91.2%, which is the best in the world. Ten hospitals in Taiwan are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), which has the most trusted standards and evaluation in the medical field worldwide. Furthermore, most medical centers and local hospitals strive to pass the highest Accreditation by the Taiwan Joint Commission on Hospital Accreditation as a testament to the quality of care provided; reevaluations are also performed regularly to ensure that all hospitals maintain excellent standards.

Aside from soothing music and the sweet fragrance of coffee permeating the air, Taiwan's health care centers are home to three of the most high-end 640-slice CT scanners (of which only 20 exist in the entire world), and teams of excellent medical staff are always ready to provide the most accurate and relaxing check-ups. Eye clinics, and beauty and spa services provide you with absolute privacy and medical services of the highest quality. Taiwan's medical care institutions offer professional and experienced teams and boast the latest medical equipment along with exceptional service. Taiwan is world famous for knee replacement, heart stent, liver transplant, and facial reconstructive procedures at reasonable costs.