Yes, we know how chains and franchises (by the way, we're employing the terms loosely here, not in the strictest business operations sense of the word) ruin the world by gentrifying its every once-exotic corner.

It's true, there's not only a McDonald's in the middle of Israel's Negev Desert, there's one outside the gates of the infamous prison at Guantanamo Bay. (Though we're sort of impressed with the one just beneath the Communist Museum in Prague.)

But sometimes on the road -- maybe more often than we'd like to admit -- it's not so much about a place where everybody knows your name as it is about a place where you already know theirs.

Based on the hard miles that led the CNN Travel staff to where they are today (namely, like you, sitting at a computer wishing they were somewhere else), here's our list of favorite chains, franchises, blessedly familiar stops and "thank God there's a place where I know they've got a clean toilet" oases in unfamiliar places.

No 2. Din Tai Fung
Country of origin: Taiwan
Why we love it: Transparent dumpling skin allows us to assess ingredients inside.

Why its logo is easier to remember than what we're all supposed to be calling Taiwan these days: Proving that oil doesn't always lead to an abundance of riches, Din Tai Fung started as a cooking oils store that didn't find true success until half the store was converted to the production of xiaolongbao (small steamed buns) in 1972.

With more than 70 restaurants in 11 countries and customers complaining about hour-long waits at most of them, Din Tai Fung has taken something simple and turned it sublime.

Quality recognition: The restaurant's two Hong Kong locations have each received one Michelin star.

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儘次於7-ELEVEn與鼎泰豐的則是速食業代表麥當勞,而連鎖咖啡店星巴克緊追在後,5到10名分別是四季飯店、摩斯漢堡、無印良品、肯德基炸雞、宜家家居(IKEA)與墨西哥的兒童遊樂場KidZania(台灣則是京華城的Baby Boss)。

另外入榜的還有DFS免稅店、希爾頓飯店、三明治專賣店Subway、加拿大連鎖咖啡店Tim Hortons、歐洲租車公司Europcar、英國瑪莎百貨、美國速食中餐貓熊快遞(Panda Express)、英國連鎖日式拉麵店Wagamama、澳美客牛排館(Outback)與美國肉桂捲專賣店Cinnabon。

by 中央社記者吳協昌