Old Tree Bakery and Restaurant opened on the twelve of June in 2010, It is the first Taiwanese bakery/restaurant of it’s kind to open in England. We bring to our customers the best Taiwanese style baked goods and authentic Taiwanese/Asian cuisine; using the best available ingredients, all our products are freshly baked daily on the premises. We have cake slices and whole cakes ready for you in our shop, however, if you would like to order a special cake for your occasion, please do come in and we will be happy to discuss it with you. Prices may vary. We try to keep our products low salt, low sugar and low fat. Although it may be difficult to find ingredients, we remain committed to producing the original taste of Taiwan in all our products.  

這家店是老樹以台灣小吃為主而推出的新店,它命名為:台灣味,英文為:DaiWan Bee.
我們用台灣話的發音來取它的名字,而"味"的台語發音我們取了它的偕音而用Bee 來取代。
希望我們的"台灣味"DaiWan Bee 可以帶來台灣各地方的懷念的小吃給當地遊子有回家的感覺。

老樹台灣味( Daiwan Bee )
新店地址:26,Rupert Street, London, W1D 6DH
開幕:8月29號中午11:00am-12:00 noon,供應小餐點.