We are pleased to advise you there will be an Oriental Food Festival in our Sunday school ( 倫敦華僑中文學校 ) on 24 June 2012. You and your family / Colleagues / Friends have been sincerely invited to attend.
Time & venue are as follows,
Time & date : From 1430 to 1600PM on 24 June 2012 ( Sunday )
Venue : The Great Hall, St James’ Catholic High School, Great Strand, Colindale, London NW9 5PE
Entrance Fee : By invitation only and it is free   ( Car parking is free too ) 
For your reference only, following food will be provided subject to the availability of the material.
Taiwanese Ban & green pear ice sorbet  ( 台式麵包  & 綠豆冰沙 )
Taiwanese fried rice noodle  ( 素炒米粉 )
Japanese Sushi  ( 日本壽司卷 )
Hong Kong style Rice Wrap  (  粽子 )
Malaysia Chicken Curry Puff  (  咖哩餃 )
Malaysia Shredded Coconut Roll ( 椰絲卷  ) 
Malaysia Pandan Cake ( 海綿蛋糕 )
Singapore style Banana Cake ( 香蕉蛋糕 ) 
British BBQ Chicken wing  ( 烤雞翅 )
Italian Tiramisu    ( 提拉米蘇 )
Belgium Chocolate Dominos ( 巧克力方塊 )
And  more…
At  Festival,
There are lots of Chinese Books in all fields suitable for adult, child & family for sale.
The famous Taiwanese food provider " Taipec ( 台沛 ) " will be there to promote the " Taste of Taiwan " with a very good promotion price on all kind of products.
Please join us on this event and we will make sure that you will have a good time.
Looking forward to see you on 24 June & Regards,