Taiwan is surrounded by the sea, and ocean currents flow past and converge just off the island’s coast, creating good fishing grounds and enriching Taiwan’s marine resources. In addition, research on and advances in breeding technology have improved the variety and quality of seafood available in Taiwan, giving people more choices when selecting seafood as an ingredient. Seafood has thus become an indispensable element of daily fare in Taiwan.

Considering Taiwan’s seafood recipes and its map of marine products, a great variety meets the eye. Creatures such as lobster, red frog crab, swimming crab, grouper, and bigeye tuna, which is rich in DHA, as well as fish suitable for eating raw, can all be found in Taiwan. The richness of littoral landforms and the convergence of ocean currents have literally turned Taiwan into a seafood kingdom.

The style of cooking seafood in Taiwan is influenced by those of Fujian, Guangdong and even Japan. It puts an emphasis on natural flavors rather than complex seasonings. Dishes often highlight refreshing and mellow flavors. When cooking, whether stewed, stir-fried, steamed or boiled, dishes tend to be light and often limit the need for flavoring to a variety of delicious sauces.

Taiwan’s fishing harbors, whether north or south, are the best places to savor seafood dishes. Shops offering fresh seafood ring the harbors. Here, diners can select the fish or crustacean they wish to eat, which is then cooked on-site. These fresh products, together with the house specialties of different restaurants, will satisfy even the choosiest of gourmets.