"Pan-fried Prawn Dumplings  (traditional steamed buns)
- With a filling made from carefully selected high quality pork, mixed with fresh prawns and finely chopped cabbage; with a crispy finish. This authentic Taiwanese street food truly captures the flavour of this beautiful island!
Jade Cubes Lemonade 


Jelly textured 'Jade Cubes' mixed with freshly squeezed lemon juice. This refreshing Taiwanese summer drink is made from vegetarian gelatine. The special balance of lemon and brown sugar brings you a full taste of the subtropics!  
Braised dish

Beef, dried bean curd, and eggs braised with traditional Kimland soy sauce, sprinkle of Taiwanese rice wine and spices.
Shaohsing drunken chicken
道地台灣味的金蘭醬油,加上香濃滷包滷上一天一夜的滷蛋豆干及牛腱, 是懷念中奶奶的味道

steamed chicken soaked in a sauce of Taiwanese Shaohsing wine, Dang Gui, and wolfberries."