Ma La Tofu Pao provides three kinds of dishes, are namely: Mala Tofu Pao, Almond Pudding and Dong Gua Tea. Mala Tofu Pao: a dish with tofu, which is cooked by hot and spicy soup, served with glass noodle, bean sprout and spring onion. Almond Pudding: an almond taste pudding served with fruit on the top. Dong Gua Tea: a tea made out of Chinese watermelon. Dong Gua Tea and Almond pudding are served cool except for Mala Tofu Pao. Three of them are traditional Taiwanese foods and very famous in the night market in Taiwan. All of them will be your best choice in this Taiwanese food festival.

全英國最強的麻辣臭豆腐煲,獨特湯料熬煮的豆腐,加上夜市必放的冬粉,吃到嘴裡直喊~~爽 !最後讓我們一起來一杯便宜又大碗的杏仁豆腐並乾一杯淡定冬瓜茶吧(ˊ __> ˋ)