Creative Enterprise Organization in the UK(CEOUK) 英國創意經濟協會

Creative Enterprise Organization (CEO) Members consist primarily of freelance artists & designers as well as agents, clients, students and lecturers. The CEO  is run by a management team that reports to a board of Trustees.  

My Creative Enterprise contributes significantly to their local economies. Defined as any business where creativity is essential to success and where the potential for wealth and job creation comes through the generation of ideas, products and/or services, creative economy businesses encompass both innovative companies and cultural organizations. They include engineers as well as artists, designers, marketers as well as musicians...etc. The creative enterprise is alive and well in London and future more in different country all of world. 

We accept the company, business, cultural and creative individuals and groups of related industries or commission,planning, handing, agents, participate in domestic and foreign creative industry-related businesses.

We services include various types of commercial and non-commercial art and design exhibitions, art seminars, market, press show, lectures seminars and forums, product fairs and receptions, an opening reception, banquet...etc.

We will build the future digital library, artists & designers data platforms and creative industries data, human resources, and provide law Consultation and cooperative education opportunities.